Words on Life on Days (or Ode to Witherow)

The witching hour nigh, I took the keys to my LeSabre
From my black leather jacket, waved cheerio to Tito's neighbor.
Red-eyed from the drugs, I swerved down Reynolds Street,
Past the docks, the horseshoe crabs, the bum with the clubbed feet.

Some delinquents armed with dish soap had snuck out to misbehave--
Suds bubbling from the fountain, Olde Codger rolling in his grave.
I almost stopped to interrupt Fembles' prayer in Great Town Square,
But thought twice upon the sight of his yellow teeth and scraggly hair.

Suddenly, I thought aloud, in the midst of Sheryl Crow's refrain,
"I haven't eaten in the last two days"--the hunger hit me like a train.
And presently, outside his home, stood Stanwix with his hound.
He beckoned me inside to chat, as he was feeling down.

A kingly meal, by happenstance, alighted on my porcelain plate,
A cheesy sub it was, indeed--cause enough to celebrate.
Per usual, I ate too fast; and mired in a post-meal malaise
I pondered Pendelton's faux pas while playing cards at Marcy's place.

"An accident, I swear it's true," he later mumbled at the park,
The dogwoods standing stoically with leprous trunks of molting bark.
I tapped two Newports from my pack, and gently offered one
To my beleaguered friend.  Oh, poor, poor, Pendelton!

"What's wrong?" asked Mrs. Stanwix, who smelled of ripened fruit
And had a get-up reminiscent of Mom's herringbone leisure suit.
"To paraphrase a friend," I shrugged, while gazing out the window,
"You never know, Scarpetti.  You just never ever know."


Quote of the Day

When you know something, you know it, and when you don't, you'd better learn.  And in the meantime, you should keep quiet, or at least speak only when what you say will advance the learning process.


I've never known someone to eat strictly vegetables after saying they are going "to veg out."